K. Sasi Manoj - Making Brighter and Promising Spaces

Being creative is being able to do incredible things in an unpredictable manner. Passion and determination here, become those driving forces that unbind the threads of creativity inside a person.However, if you are tired of putting things together and surfing the internet for inspiration, here is whom you should approach, the creative guru and the gushing bundle of ideas, Mr.Sasi Manoj.

This man is known for his ingenuity and his art of turning the most regular or dull space into anamazing dwelling area incorporated withdetails that makes you go awestruck.“Arched eyebrows with a broad smile, hugs and handshakes, expressions like “Stunning!”, “Wow!” are a few instant responses that I come across once my clients get the final look of the project,” saysthe young designer who is alsothe founder of Rayon Interiors. Every work that gets done at Rayon interiors is done with great precision and devotion, as this is exactly what this man had lived all his life for. By setting his sights on entrepreneurship, he ignoredall offers that came his way from renowneddesign agencies across the globe. Although, born and brought up in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, his craving for designing led him to Hyderabad where he got his bachelors degree in designing, from a meritorious college in the city.Ever since then he had been living his dream by serving as a thoughtful and helpful host for all his clients and by putting forth unbeatable designs for all kinds of spaces.

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