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The interior architecture is a crucial factor that determines the durability and functionality of a building. We come up with various contemporary designs for this purpose which is in trend. Interior architecture is the initial and most prominent segment of interior designing. It is called the science of interior designing and is prominent from the first stages of planning the design to the final stages of actual design implementation. We have a bunch of trained and experienced professionals who back us up throughout the process of materialising the interior architecture.

Movies are most enjoyed when the visual treat is backed by an enormous in home, theatre experience. At first, we identify the needs of our clients and educate them of the available good quality audio and videoequipmentthat will perfectly suit their needs, fitting in their budget. Based on the choice of the client we install the components adequately and ensure connectivity. The installation is done with utmost care and we test each component separately before the calibration has been done. We make sure that we give you the best experience and we always make ourselves available for timely follow up.

Maximum space utilisation by eliminating congestion should be the motto of any ideal commercial design. Our ideology is to bring delight to every person who walks in by making them experience a good ambience added with the preference given to aesthetics.  Commercial buildings can be chosen for various purposes, such as for shopping malls, restaurants, warehouses etc. We have our team specialised in each of these areas and we give expert opinions when it comes to creating that perfect indoor design for your space keeping in mind the agenda of your business.

Along with providing actual design ideas, at Rayon interiors, we also provide consulting services to our clients and also other interior designing firms. Here, we analyse the client's requirements and give them a cost effective and striking design. We also give away advice on altering designs and improvising them. Ours is a team of five designers who are extremely talented and hold tonnes of experience in the designing business.

We specialise in the most essential aspect of commercial and residential buildings which provides the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) designs. We also use relevant software’s in order to create a perfect MEP engineering design which suits the needs of our clients. Our team consists of engineers who possess years of experience dealing with such complicated designs and most of them hold an E.I, or LEED AP licence. We are a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters who believe in the timely updates about the latest developments in the field. An effective MEP design results in proper decision making and cost estimation which can be fruitful to the clients in the long run.

Furniture to interior designers are as importance as cherries to the baker as they come along with that extra icing on the cake. A good set of pleasant looking furniture brings glory to a well-designed space. Taking care of our customers’ requirements we either create customised furniture for our clients or get those readymade ones on request whichever styles their interiors best. As our experts know what goes where, we make sure not to clutter the space and ensure maximum utility providing space for free movement depending on what activities are to be performed in the prescribed area.

Colour and texture also goes hand in hand when it comes to deciding the perfect blend of furniture for the walls and floors. We have an expert team which understands and handles the FF&E well including the elements of size, scale and proportion.

Interior design and decoration are as crucial for places where a service is availed as it is while planning a house. Any place is marked by the ambience and the feeling it gives us which makes any individual decide whether to visit the place again or not. Such is the service that we offer at Rayon interiors, by creating designs that touch your spirits and make you fall in love with the ambience. Moreover, we also create space based on the service provided at the location. For example, at places like dental hospitals, we use pastel or light colours for the walls and floors that are soothing for patients who may come anxiously to the clinic. We also add calming music which might be relieving from the stress. So, we basically take the comfort of the customers in view. Apart from this we also do restaurants, banquet halls and convention centres which can be customised according to the theme the client has in mind.

We believe in not just giving you the right expert advice on making your choice of furniture and fixture but we also get them for you at the exact location you want. Our team reaches out to make installations for our customers even in the least accessible areas. For piecesthat are bulk and difficult to carry, we assemble them at your site and place them where you wish them to be. The best part is that we clean the place spotless for the client once the work is done and client does not have to worry about the things to do after we leave.

An outdoor environment is as important as the indoor as that is the first thing that catches ones eye and sets an impression.  A finely done landscape design adds life to a building and leaves a lasting impact. An outsider might not always enter the house, but proper landscaping can bring about those positive vibes just by looking at the exteriors. Our landscaping styles differ from place to place ranging from large yard designs to small patio designs. These designs may also include, swimming pools, personalised fruit or vegetable garden etc. We take inspirations from around the world before we create that perfect design for your exterior space that you wish to rebuild.

Who doesn’t love walking into a breath-taking house plan that is an ultimate hub of positive vibes? Maybe, you invest all your life’s savings on that one house, you always dreamt of building. Then why not make it look stunning by giving it a professional touch? A proficient interior designer is all you need to make this happen. When it comes to creating a design for the client, the sky is the limit for us at Rayon interiors. We make every aspiration happen no matter the design is simple or too complex. While we plan our residential designs we thoroughly communicate with the clients and have adeep understanding of their requirements such as their preferences for bedrooms(Couple, single, dormitory, kids room),special interests( reading rooms, play areas, swimming pools, extended kitchen with hall for huge parties, in house family theatre etc.) and their budget (low, medium, luxury) . We work accordingly and create interesting house designs based on your budget irrespective of the dimensions of your plot. At Rayon, we create homes that urge you to come back.

We create impressive 3d walkthrough animations to give our customers an insight of what we offer to do for them. This makes it easier for the customers to deal with us and hence bridges the gap. Our expert animators who are the part of our huge team take a lot of effort to bring the clients imagination into reality.

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